Browse Boutiques, Art Galleries, & Antique Stores in Charlottesville, VA

The Arts and Artisan community in the Charlottesville area has been expanding rapidly in recent years. This area is recognized for its beauty, history and artisan traditions. Take some time to leisurely drive from one artisan’s shop to another – the countryside is beautiful. Our artisans offer everything from textiles, soapstone, sculpture, furniture, pottery, photography, glass works, cabinetry to mosaics.

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Looking for something to take home with you as a memento of your visit that you didn’t find at one of the artisans studios? Or do you like antiquing? Or want to check out the latest food specialty stores? Charlottesville and the surrounding area have a great selection of places for you to shop.


Artisan Venues

Antiques/New to You Stores

Food Specialty Shops