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A white plate with a piece of quiche with egg, cheese, sausage and spinach, and sides of fresh lettuce leaves and slices of red bell peppers.

Our Recipes

Photo of homemade coconut chocolate chip coookies with graphic of coconut on right and chocolate chips on left

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

With coconut subbing for both snow and tropical vibes, and chocolate because, well--everyone loves chocolate, you will love these Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies. Every time we make them, we  have to make extras, so that late arriving guests will have some left for them! We use semisweet chocolate chips, but feel free to substitute dark chocolate for more of a Mounds candy bar flavor.... view full recipe

Plate of apple pancakes garnished with blueberries on graphic design of apples, walnute

Apple Pancakes

We are incredibly lucky in Charlottesville to have fresh produce so many months of the year. In the fall, there is an abundance of apples, so we include them in many of our breakfasts, then send guests out to pick their own at one of our local farms. This pancake recipe is a bit different, as there is no cinnamon, but lots of citrus flavor, making it a bit less sweet than you might imagine.…... view full recipe

Single serving of foxfield eggs on a plate with potatoes

Foxfield Eggs

We are always on the hunt for a new and different breakfast entree for our guests. This baked egg dish is a brand new guest favorite! You can try different kinds of pesto that you may have on hand, but we prefer basil pesto. Baking time can be adapted depending on whether you like eggs cooked through or softer.... view full recipe

Plated breakfast of cheese souffle with roasted sweet potatoes and bacon

Make-Ahead Cheese Souffles

This is a great recipe and we are so grateful to Cook’s Illustrated that they shared it online. It’s rare that we find a recipe and don’t feel it needs some tweaking. We only reduced the amount of cream of tartar by half as we like the slightly torn look of the soufflés. You can also skip the cream of tartar altogether, but the soufflés will deflate more and not look quite so appealing if…... view full recipe

tray of chocolate crinkle cookies

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

This is one of our guest's favorite cookies! And funnily enough, I found it in a German cookbook (by Tanja Dusy) which is called "US-Bakery." Whenever we put them out, they are gone very quickly. They are chewy in the center, and very, very chocolatey! That's the point of a chocolate cookie, don't you agree! Make sure you don't bake the cookies too long; they will be gooey in the middle when you take them…... view full recipe

Apple Cake

This recipe has been handed down through our family for over a century.  You can make it in one large cake pan or many smaller Bundt pans.  You just need to monitor the baking time depending on the size of pan you use.... view full recipe

Nectarine & Blueberry French Toast Casserole

Best when made with local nectarines and blueberries.  We love the nectarines from Chiles Peach Orchard.... view full recipe

white ice cream in glass bowl topped with peach sauce

Peach & Goat Cheese Ice Cream

We love serving homemade ice cream to guests.  Since it's peach season here in Charlottesville we make our own peach ice cream and top it with peach sauce.  There are a couple of peach orchards nearby that you can pick your own for an afternoon adventure or buy some already picked.... view full recipe

Smoky Corn Cookies

Since I am always looking for new cookie ideas I was fascinated when I stumbled upon a Corn Cookie that is sold at Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City.  Christina Tosi developed the recipe for this very popular cookie.  I loved it the first time I tried it.  However, I wanted a bit more depth to the flavor instead of just corn & sweetness.  So I experimented with several herbs and spices that go…... view full recipe

Caramel Walnut Blondie Cookies

With a name like this these cookies have a lot to live up to!  I love Blondies but don't always want to have a bar cookie.  So I took some of the same flavorings as the bars and made them into a drop cookie.  Normally I use pecans in my Blondies but decided to mix it up and use walnuts instead.  Instant hit with Dan and the guests.... view full recipe

Rosemary Shortbread with Red Pepper Jelly

There is something about the favor and aroma of rosemary the signifies the holiday season for me.  I found a recipe for Rosemary Shortbread Linzer Cookies with Red Pepper Jelly in the November/December issue of Bake: Baking from Scratch.  Of course I adapted it slightly to meet our taste preference (slightly more rosemary, less pepper).  We hope you enjoy them!... view full recipe

Cheese & Herb Souffle

We love making this dish for our guests breakfasts.  It quickly became a favorite.... view full recipe

Red, White & Blue Parfait

This is a quick and easy dessert to serve to guests on national holidays.  It is specially good in the summer with fresh, local fruit.... view full recipe

Honey, Pecan & Craisin Granola

We love granola here at Foxfield Inn.  This recipe is particularly good served with some of our Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt. Adapted from a recipe by Cook’s Country, October/November 2016... view full recipe

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

One of our team members does NOT like chocolate (how that can be I do not know!).  So for her I came up with this easy to make variation of our Chocolate Chip Cookie (which is our most requested recipe).... view full recipe


These are decadent cookies that do not last long on the cookie plate in the guest pantry. Adapted from a recipe by America's Test Kitchen.... view full recipe

three cookies on a glass plate

Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies

There is nothing like a good oatmeal cookie with a cup of tea in the afternoon.  This one is extra special due to the white chocolate chips and cranberries.... view full recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies

YUM!  Fresh out of the oven they smell so good.  These are by far the most popular cookies we serve here at the inn.... view full recipe

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