Start Your Day at Our Country Bed & Breakfast

Here at Foxfield Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia we believe that dining should be something special, and breakfast is no exception. It is my privilege to share my appreciation of fine, fresh food and its ability to delight your senses. 

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We try to source as many of our fresh ingredients as possible from local purveyors who promote responsible agriculture and ecological stewardship.

  • Eggs – from free ranging hens from the regional Polyface Farms. As the saying goes, “happy hens lay tasty eggs.”
  • Pork – from pigs that roam Polyface Farm’s pastures, we make our homemade breakfast sausage just about as local and tasty as you can get.
  • Bacon – uncured and thick cut for maximum taste.
  • Herbs – picked fresh or dried to add aromatic flavors to our dishes.
  • Vegetables and fruits – seasonally, we acquire fresh produce from local farmers for maximum freshness and flavor.

We understand the varied dietary needs of our guests, but we also believe this does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor. Let us prepare our menus to accommodate your food preferences – whether you eat gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, vegetarian, or vegan.

In today’s busy world, breakfast is too often rushed through, if not skipped entirely. Let me remind you how to linger and savor the special breakfast moments to help you welcome your day. Emerge from your room to be greeted with freshly brewed coffee, a selection of domestic and imported teas, or hot chocolate. Then follow the delicious smell of our cooked breakfast where a fresh fruit course and house-made bakery items will be waiting for you. My (Brigitte’s) choice of entrée will satiate your fondest breakfast cravings. And after a savory main course – and for the sweet tooth in us all – a “sweet ending” miniature dessert is sure to delight.

Browse some of our sample menus here or re-create some of your favorites by browsing our collection of recipes.