Can’t Miss Festival – Crozet Arts & Crafts

Black Letters on white background for Crozet Arts & Crafts FestivalThis weekend (October 12 & 13) is the Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival.  It occurs every spring and every fall.  It is the one festival that you can’t miss if you like fine arts and crafts.  These are upscale artisans with beautiful works of art.  In the past we have been lucky to purchase several items that fit well into our bed and breakfast.  Of course most of them are fox related (surprise!) but some are just beautiful pieces.

One year we bought plaques for the walls, another were obtained mini-vases and woven reed hearts, and last year was a beautiful stained glass window.  There are many other items for sale – from jewelry, paintings, ceramics, wood pieces, bonsai, clothes and much more.

In addition to all the handmade items there are musicians, food vendors, local wineries and, Dan’s favorite, kettle corn!  This is one festival where you truly will have a good time and come home with something special.


Dan & Kathryn

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