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Your Charlottesville Winter Bucket List

We’ve been giving you bucket lists for the past couple of seasons, and we thought, why not start our first blog of 2019 giving you a winter bucket list!

Though January can be exciting with the start of a new year, it also means we’re in the thick of winter, and there’s really no light at the end of the (cold) tunnel quite yet. Most days in the winter in C’Ville aren’t unbearably cold, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cold at all! 

These winter months at the start of the year can be depressing ones- but we’ve got a little happy list for you to cheer up the next couple of months- a winter bucket list full of fun activities that the cold weather won’t deter us from!

Winter Walks
Getting outdoors in the winter, especially on more temperate days, isn’t such a bad idea. Being outside boosts your mood. Plus, in the winter, our bodies can be a little deprived of the Vitamin D that being in the sun in the other seasons brings us. The sun is still out many days in the winter, so step outside!

The Saunders Monticello Trail is pictured with bare trees and sun peeking through to the path.

The Saunders Monticello Trail, UVA’s campus, and The Downtown Mall are all great little spots to get in a winter walk plus enjoy the beauty that C’Ville has to offer.

Make some Art
A great way to stay warm and indoors but also boost your mood and enjoy time with friends or family? Make something! Charlottesville has several different places you can get creative, but a new little spot called The Hive is a “craft lounge” where you can either go to a class, choose from pre set classes or go during their “crafty hour” where you can grab a drink and a craft from their “craft bar.” It’s such a fun place to be creative, and perfect for a season where we’d all rather be indoors. 

The Hive Craft Bar and Lounge. Pictured is the long wooden bar with stainless steel bar stool chairs and lights overhead.

See a Movie
We personally feel best about heading to the movie theaters when the weather is feeling drab. It’s the perfect excuse to stay indoors and relax for a while. In Charlottesville, there are two theaters we highly recommend where you can warm up even more while you watch with a drink and some food: The Alamo Drafthouse and The Violet Crown. We wrote a whole blog post on these theaters to help you choose which one you’d like to check out. You can see it here!

red Alamo Theater sign on a concrete wall, words over entryway read Glass Half Full in white

Enjoy some History
Visiting Monticello is one of our favorite suggestions at anytime of year, but we think it’s great for the winter since you are mostly indoors. There’s also James Monroe’s Highland nearby, another great historical sight to enjoy!

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello pictured behind a pond and lawn area.

Wine in the Off Season
While the wineries in Charlottesville are a popular spring and summer destination, we like to think Winter is one of the best times to enjoy them since they aren’t so crowded. It’s a great time to get extra attention as the customer and get to know even more about the wines when you aren’t fighting the crowds! Plus, what’s more relaxing than a cozy tasting room with a view (most wineries nearby have a great view) with a glass of wine to warm you up? Check out some of our past blog posts to see our local winery suggestions here, here and here

A glass of red wine on a table in a tasting room in front of a fireplace.

We hope this short and sweet bucket list inspires you to have some fun in Charlottesville this Winter! Maybe winter isn’t such a bad season, after all- especially when spent in C’Ville!

Of course, if you do decide to visit, we hope you’ll stay with us at our cozy Inn! 

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