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Our 5 Favorite Last Minute Gift Ideas

It’s officially in that 12 days of Christmas range of time, and we know you’re thinking about getting those last minute gifts done and your list finished off! No matter how down-to-the-wire you decide to finish your shopping, this list can help you out!

1. Gift a Getaway- our favorite gift of all!
Want to give your gift recipient a real treat for Christmas? Get them a Gift Certificate to Foxfield Inn! We think this is the ultimate gift, because we all could use a little vacation! They can use their Gift Certificate at any time of year, but if they’re needing a getaway right-away, a winter getaway to Charlottesville becomes warm and cozy when you send them to stay with us! Warm, hearty breakfasts paired with fire places in the rooms and tea and coffee at access all day- it can’t be beat!A gift certificate with a holiday bow reading "ho ho ho"

Head to our website to get this gift today! 

If you’re giving this gift to a significant other, why not book the stay and plan the trip for them? Book a stay with us and tell them about it on Christmas!

2. Wine, beer & holiday cheer!
Okay, we could have left out the cheesy rhyme, but we do think a boozy gift is a good one (for the 21+ crowd, of course!). Pick a special bottle of wine out from your favorite local winery if you have the time, or head to the grocery store and find a nice bottle that your gift recipient will love, add a festive bag, and you’ve got a great gift that you know will be used well!

A wine glass on a table in front of a fireplace. The glass has red wine in it.

And if your gift recipient likes beer instead, there are fun ways to dress up a 6-pack for the holidays like this!

3. An experience gift.
This is always a great gift idea because you know it won’t end up unused sitting around your gift recipients house, like many last minute gifts may be. Of course, the Foxfield Inn Gift Certificates we talked about are our favorite experience gifts, but here are some other ideas:
-Concert tickets
-A trip to a local museum
-A tour of some sort- like a winery or brewery tour! (here are some companies you could go through in Charlottesville for this)

4. Gift cards.
Okay, we know that the “gift card” gift is kind of taboo. There is this idea that gift cards mean you didn’t put much thought into the gift. I like to think that gift cards mean you did put a lot of thought in to the gift, but you decided instead to let them enjoy the choice of the gift on their own!
-Give a gift card to a favorite store and they can shop for whatever they want!
-Give a gift card to a favorite restaurant and they can go to dinner whenever they’d like.
-Give a gift card to a coffee shop and they can treat themselves to the small luxury of a latte a few more times than usual.
-Our favorite…give a gift certificate to Foxfield Inn and give them the gift of travel & relaxation.

5. Edible gifts. 
This goes hand in hand with the booze idea, but just a little different. Edible gifts are great last minute gifts, especially for people you want to show gratitude to but you may not have the budget for an actual gift- like a favorite hairdresser, mail carrier, teachers, etc.
-Bake something delicious
-Buy something from a favorite local bakery
-A bag of coffee from a favorite local coffee shop
Cookie dough being cut in the shape of a star with a cookie cutter.

If you’re last minute gift shopping, don’t settle for looking around a mall, department store, or Target and stressing yourself out while trying to find a gift they’ll actually like, grab one of these ideas and go!

An ornament on a tree with small foxes in a winter scene reading Merry Christmas.

We hope this list makes your holiday season a little simpler and a lot less stressful!

Happy Holidays from the Foxfield Inn Team!

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