Three Cool Down Spots for your Summer in Charlottesville

Summer in Charlottesville brings on long, hot days. Luckily, there are several spots around town where you can cool down and enjoy a hike at the same time. With these three spots you can hike and then enjoy a cool down in the water. If you don’t feel like hiking in the heat, most of these spots only require a short walk, if any at all, to get to the water!

Ivy Creek Natural Area– Though Ivy Creek is less of a cool down spot because you can’t get in the water as much, it is always cooler to hike near water. With 7 miles of hiking trails, quiet observation spots, and a plethora of wildlife to observe, this is a great spot for nature lovers to enjoy a walk this summer! We highly recommend it, and it is nice and close to the Inn! Check out their website for more information about what all they offer!

Sugar Hollow– also known as Moorman’s River Trail, a short, less than half mile walk will get you to a large, crystal clear swimming hole. The hike itself is flat and enjoyable, and you walk through shallow water before getting to the swimming hole. This is one of our favorite spots to cool down in the summer, as the swimming hole seems to be the perfect depth and temperature to really be refreshing. There’s a great little shore to sit and even enjoy a small picnic, too. The hike is about a half hour from the Inn and well worth the short drive. 

Mint Springs Valley Park– This state park in Crozet is only about 20 minutes from the Inn. It has a natural spring water body where you can swim, fish, or just enjoy time sitting on the beach. The water can be reached without any hiking at all, but there are many options for hiking as well. The several different trails offer options that climb higher and others that don’t, providing opportunity for any level of hiker. It is a beautiful park with great mountain views- and great mountain hikes, too!


Whichever spot you choose, you can’t go wrong. You’ll be in for a beautiful hike and cool down- a perfect remedy to the summer heat!

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