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5 Ways to Warm Up this Winter

As February wears on, we’re thinking of how to stay warm and survive this last stretch of winter. Really, we’ve been thinking about what to do to beat cabin fever, yet still stay warm! In C’Ville, luckily there aren’t too many freezing days ahead, but we know the dreary winter weather isn’t quite gone yet. So here are some ways you can warm up if you’re dealing with a particularly cold winter, as most of the country is:


1. A warm drink always helps. Grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whatever your preference. There’s a reason why warm drinks are preferred in winter. If you are feeling chilly, a warm drink can warm your bones, so grab a cup and warm up!

2. Bake something warm and delicious. Our baked good of choice is always some version of cookie! Check out our most recent cookie blog for some great recipes we’ve been baking up this year. 

3. Visit a brewery, distillery, or winery. If you are visiting Charlottesville and trying to beat the cold, grab an alcoholic drink to give you that warm feeling. Plus, the tasting rooms always often have a warm, cozy feel this time of year. So bundle up and go grab your drink of choice to give you that warm feeling!

4. Cover your head & feet. If all else fails, throw on a pair of slippers and a beanie to cover your head. Even if you are staying inside all day, keeping these extremities covered really helps you keep that cozy, warm feel all day long!

5. Plan a winter getaway. Nothing can cure cabin fever better than getting out of town. Look at your calendar, find a few free days or even take off work to get away for a bit. We think C’Ville is the perfect destination, and we’ll make sure you stay warm with lots of warm drinks, breakfasts, and fresh baked cookies when you stay with us! Plus, we can’t think of any place cozier than the inn. Check out our Winter Special to plan your getaway! 

We hope these tips help you warm up a bit and power through the rest of winter. Maybe you’ll even enjoy it! 

What helps you warm up in the winter months?

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