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4 Cookies Our Guests are Enjoying This Year

We bake cookies all the time here at Foxfield Inn.  Every day you can smell freshly baked cookies throughout the inn – whether they are molasses, chocolate chip, oatmeal, or many others!  This year, in addition to old favorites, we are developing new cookies for our guests.

The four favorite cookies this year so far are (in no particular order):

  • Pistachio Lime – I was working on developing a Cardamom Lime cookie and realized I didn’t have enough cardamom to make a difference in the taste.  So while looking through my cabinet I discovered I had a large bag of pistachios.  The combination of pistachios and lime zest is ethereal (ok, maybe not that but pretty darn good!).
  • Chocolate Chip – this is an all-time favorite.  Every time we serve them to guests they disappear quickly – once I baked 3 dozen for just 8 guests.
  • Rosemary Shortbread with Red Pepper Jelly – this is another new one this year.  I saw a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen that sounded quite intriguing since rosemary is one of my favorite herbs.  I did have to reduce the amount of red pepper jelly quite a bit as they were a tad too spicy for our taste.  The guests loved them when we served them.
  • Blondies – what can I say about this bar cookie?  It is decadent with deep rich flavors of brown sugar and vanilla.  Throw in some white chocolate chips and you have a bar that is heavenly.

I’m looking forward to developing a couple of new ones in February – maybe going back to the Cardamom Lime idea and to developing a Ginger cookie loaded with three types of ginger (ground, fresh, & candied).  Just a thought.

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