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What We’re Looking Forward to in Charlottesville in 2018

We were blessed with a wonderful 2017; great guests, fantastic weather, fun events to go to, time with friends and family, a new team at Foxfield Inn, and we could go on and on. But now, as we say goodbye to 2017, we’re looking forward to what is to come.

2018 is sure to hold great times in our favorite city. If you are thinking of visiting us (which you should!) this blog will help you decide which part of 2018 will be best for you to visit. Really, any time of year in Charlottesville is great, but here is what we’re looking forward to, season by season!


January through March can feel a bit drab no matter where you are. The holidays are over and there is cold weather ahead to endure. Charlottesville does get its coldest days in January and February, but sprinkled within are usually more temperate winter days that are easier to withstand. Here are our favorite things about being in C’Ville during this season:


Soft, beautiful snow usually graces us a bit throughout these months, and gives us reason to relax and stay in. It looks absolutely breathtaking through the windows of the cozy inn, and guests can warm themselves by the fireplace.

Wineries are perfect for the winterMost people flock to the wineries in the spring and fall, but we love to go in the winter when they are less crowded. Most have warm, cozy tasting rooms where you can enjoy views of the landscape from the windows. Plus, wine can help warm you up! Visiting the wineries is such a great way to relax on a cold, winter weekend. Going during the winter ensures you’ll have great attention during your tasting, and you won’t be crowded out of the tasting room!

Valentine’s day calls for wine and chocolate. We’ve already mentioned that Charlottesville has great wineries to visit, and this is the time of year to do so. As the lover’s holiday nears, what better way to celebrate than pair it with chocolate. Charlottesville has many great local chocolate shops like Gearhart’s and Kilwin’s on the downtown mall. You can grab a bottle of wine at a local winery, some chocolate at one of these shops, and have a cozy, romantic night “inn” if you stay for us for this holiday! 


March through May is a truly magical time in Charlottesville. In early April, everything starts to bloom and the weather turns lovely. It is hard to choose, but spring might be our favorite season here in Charlottesville. This is what we love to do during these gorgeous months:

Hiking is perfect for this time of year. Of course, with all of the options, you can find a hike for any time of year, but spring holds the most beautiful views what we think might be the safest time for a hike. The weather is often perfect, where in summer it gets too hot. The leaves of the fall make some hikes a bit slippery. Spring, then, is perfect! You’ll see mountain views with flowers budding on all of the trees as you enjoy a lovely, spring breeze.


The dogwoods and redbuds blooming everywhere are just beautiful to take in and enjoy. We mentioned the budding trees already, but it deserves to be mentioned at length. Not only do drives through the city turn into magical views with the trees lining nearly every street, but walking around anywhere, on a trail or just downtown, becomes such a beautiful sight. Visiting Charlottesville in the spring is worth it for this reason alone.


June through August, and even early September can be a great time to visit. Through the weather gets hot, there is so much to enjoy. Events take over at this time of year and you can always find something fun to do.

Fresh fruit that you can pick yourself is great this time of year. It starts with strawberries in June which you can find at many local farms to pick for yourself. We love to get them in abundance and freeze them for later or make jam. As the summer goes on, it is perfect timing for picking peaches and then apples. Both Chiles in Crozet and Carter Mountain in Charlottesville are great orchards to visit, and after you pick your fruit, you can enjoy a chilled glass of wine or hard cider to relax on a hot summer day. 

Speaking of fresh produce, Farmer’s Markets can be found basically any day of the week. The City Market on Saturdays is the most popular, but you can find and enjoy so many others if you happen to want to find a market on a weekday. Enjoy a cold drink from a local vendor as you walk around and pick out fresh fruits and veggies. You can even have lunch or shop for some unique handmade goods at many of the markets. Perfect for a summer day!

Dining outside is popular in the summerWe love that nearly every restaurant on the Downtown Mall has this option, including most restaurants around the city. Charlottesville is beautiful with all of the green trees and great weather, so eating outside gives you more time to enjoy the scenery. There are even great restaurants with mountain views to dine outside, like Blue Mountain Brewery among many others.


September through November, and sometimes early December is another one of our favorite times to enjoy in Charlottesville. It is also the most popular time to visit. Of course, the fall foliage is the main reason, but this is also a time of year full of events and great things to enjoy:

Craft breweries and local cideries are abundant in the areaThough they are great for any time of year, we love the flavors that come to the breweries in the fall, and cider of course is very seasonal! Almost all of the breweries and cideries in the area have outdoor seating, so with the great weather this time of year, you can enjoy a beer or cider outdoors while surrounded by the beautiful colors of the season. 

Festival season is upon us when fall comes along. From the Top of the Hops beer festival to wine festivals to chili festivals to harvest festivals to craft fairs, there are festivals almost every weekend throughout the season. This is really a great time to visit if you love festivals of any kind. We typically feature festivals in our monthly “Things to Do” posts, so stay tuned to our blog as autumn nears!

Fall foliage is one of the main reasons people visit and stay with us during the fall. The city sets on fire with beautiful fall colors, and all of the views at the breweries, restaurants and wineries become vibrant.  A walk or a hike at this time of year is, much like springtime, just that much more beautiful than it is any other time of year. 

Of course, after fall comes early winter and the holiday season which is full of events, markets, and other holiday festivities. Really, any time of year is a great time to visit us at Foxfield Inn and enjoy the beautiful city of Charlottesville.

When will you visit this year? What time of year do you look forward to most?

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