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Take a Tour For Charlottesville Area Wine and Beer

Whether you live in Charlottesville or you’re just here to visit, we can all agree that something great about the town is the selection of quality wine and craft beer that can be found at the local breweries and wineries! The spots you can visit to enjoy delicious wine and unique craft beer are seemingly endless throughout C’Ville and the surrounding areas, and it would be an impossible feat to visit them all in a short amount of time, let alone visit just a selected handful. Thankfully, there are a few great tour companies that will map out a route and get you to the wineries or breweries that you’d like to visit in a safe and fun way!

Wish Wish and C’Ville Hop On Tours are two newer companies that have been around for a year or two that will get you to your alcohol of choice without the risk of having to drive yourself to and from! Whether you love wine or beer, touring alone or with a group, there is an option for you.

Wish Wish tours are mainly focused on wine, though there is a beer tour option as well. This company gives you several choices, from a list of four different “hop on” style tours to a list of private tour options that you can schedule. The hop on tours will pick you up at a selection of hotels downtown and take you to four different wineries to a certain theme. For example, the Monticello tour takes you to a selection of wineries near Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The rates for these tours are currently at 79 dollars per seat. If you enjoy touring with other wine lovers, this type of tour is for you, as you’d hop on the bus with others that have scheduled the same tour and head out for a fantastic day of wine tasting!

The private tours with Wish Wish offer variety in your choice of up to five wineries or breweries to visit, as well as the type of vehicle you’d like to travel in. This is a great option for a special occasion. If you’re celebrating an anniversary for just you and your special someone, you can choose the luxury sedan tour to get you safely to your wineries of preference. On the other end, if you’re celebrating with a large party, you can fit up to 14 people in their large van or minibus private tours. One of the best parts about going private would be that they pick you up and drop you off wherever you’d like for no extra charge. If you’re looking to explore Charlottesville wine or beer privately, safely, and in luxury, a private tour with Wish Wish truly is the way to go!

C’Ville Hop On Tours gives an even broader selection as they tour breweries, wineries, distilleries and cideries. It is the newest tour company in the area, and it is locally owned. Like Wish Wish, C’Ville Hop On Tours offers both public and private tours. When it comes to the public, hop on style tours, their main goal is to make it affordable for you to tour and taste local alcohol of your preference. The tours are unique because they run on a set schedule, and you can choose which location you’d like to start with and where you’d like to end. They also are themed by location and include the option to try wineries, breweries, distilleries and cideries all in one tour depending on the area you are touring. All public tours range in price anywhere from 25-65 dollars per person.

The private option for C’Ville Hop On Tours are all inclusive and even include the tasting fees within the price. There is a choice to pick any three locations on your own or leave it up to the expert tour guide to choose for the Featured Craft Trio Tour, and they will pick you up right at the Inn! The rates for these tours start at 70 dollars per person, which is great for a private tour. You can call in for more details on pricing based on the size of your group, but the larger the size of your party, the better the price per person will be.

Whatever option you choose, touring around Charlottesville and it’s surrounding areas will surely make for an exciting and relaxing day! Leave your safety worries behind as you hop on a bus with others or climb aboard a private tour and enjoy one of the greatest parts of the area- the delicious, quality local alcohol!

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