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Sweeping views of blue and green mountains.

Wine & Design in Charlottesville

For most people, a typical date night includes dinner out, dessert, and possibly a movie or just drinks somewhere to end the night. However, let’s admit that this can feel overdone, and sometimes you just need to do something a bit more active with your loved one to mix things up! 

Charlottesville has plenty of options for active dates, from getting outdoors to a park to taking a tour of the historic downtown or Monticello. Recently, we found something in between that will have you enjoying drinks and snacks of your choice while getting active by expressing your creative side with your date beside you. Wine and Design is the perfect place for a date, whether you are an artist or not.

A quick look at Wine and Design’s schedule shows you the vast array of options you’ll have to chose from. All you have to do is choose the painting you think would look most beautiful going home with you, and sign up for the class! Most classes are twenty five dollars per person, which makes this a pretty affordable date night option, as all materials are included along with complete instruction by an experienced artist on how to make your masterpiece.

If you aren’t the best artist, don’t worry; the instructors will make you into one! We tried out Wine and Design for ourselves, and the instruction that you’ll get is both full class and one on one, as the artist circulates to help those in need. The directions are simple, and though the painting you’ve picked may look complex, each design is chosen to be attainable for anyone.

Where does the wine come in? Well, you get to bring your own! You can pick out a bottle that you love at a local winery beforehand or just stop at a grocery store on the way and enjoy the wine of your choice the entire time you are painting. You are even allowed to bring snacks of your choice, so whether you are choosing to go to dinner before or after the class, you won’t have to be hungry while you paint!

 What really makes Wine and Design a great date night is the experience you’ll have there with your significant other. There is just something about getting creative together that just might show you a different side of your date. Plus, you’ll be close and cozy in the adorable studio as you stand next to one another, sip wine, snack, and paint something beautiful. Best yet, you’ll leave with a great memory in the form of lovely art that you’ve created together.

Next time you are in Charlottesville with your loved one, check out Wine and Design to have fun together in a different way. Whether you’re a new couple or you’ve been together for decades, you just might learn something new about one another as you get creative together!

Hope you enjoy!

Dan, Kathryn, Desirae, Myra & Melissa

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