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Stinson Vineyards: A Winery in a Garage?

Spring in Charlottesville is fast approaching, and it is a favorite time of year for both visitors and residents alike. What’s not to love? Dogwoods are blooming, and the weather is perfect for getting outside
to hike and see some of the beautiful scenery. Best of all? It’s wine-tasting season.

We’ll admit, every season is wine-tasting season in Charlottesville with our countless number of wineries nearby. But spring is the time when we’re itching to spend some time outside. Really, the perfect place to do this is on the patio of a lovely winery like Stinson Vineyards.

When you get to Charlottesville and decide you’re ready to taste some wine, the recommendations for where to go are endless. So many of the wineries are beautiful, unique, and have great wine, of course. But Stinson Vineyards is one that is sometimes overlooked, and less than 10 minutes from us.

Stinson Vineyards is not the most popular winery in Charlottesville because it is almost hidden. Right in the small town of Whitehall, it is tucked next to a tiny market on a back country road. Still, from the inn it is an easy drive and easy to find, so we tried it and found it is well worth the short trip!

When you arrive at Stinson, you might not notice what makes the tasting room so unique; it is set up in a remodeled three-car garage. You wouldn’t notice because it is
still quite beautiful. This garage-turned-tasting-room is decorated with a rustic industrial feel with wood and metallic tones mixed to create a relaxed vibe. It is one of the more laid back tasting rooms you’ll find at a winery in the area. We loved it for this reason!

To go along with the unique tasting room, the wines truly stand out. Stinson’s wines
have a heavy French influence that emphasize “subtlety and complexity,” as they say on their website. When we visited and tasted, we agreed. The wines are delightful, and not at all overpowering.

We loved the Sugar Hollow White and Chardonnay. Both were refreshing and perfect for the spring weather. For reds, the Meritage was wonderful.

While Stinson is typically a perfect daytime or afternoon trip, they offer an evening option starting in late spring that continues through the summer. During their “Tailgate Thursdays” summer music series, you can stop by from 6-9 pm on Thursdays and enjoy local music, and even make your own bite to eat on one of their grills. There isn’t much that can beat good music, great wine and a stunning view that overlooks the vineyard with a mountain backdrop in the evening light. These events typically start in late May, and you can keep an eye on their events page to see when they are beginning this year.

If you’re looking for a unique winery to visit in Charlottesville, don’t miss out on beautiful Stinson Vineyards. Though it may be hidden in a small town, it is quite close to the inn, and it is a perfect spot to relax with delicious wine this spring!

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