Tesla and Electric Car Chargers at Foxfield Inn

We are the proud owners of a Tesla charger for Tesla vehicles and a Clipper charger other electric cars.Tesla 2 So if you are traveling and need a place to stay that has a charger for your vehicle think of us.  Just let us know when you make your reservation that you need to charge your car and we will reserve the charger for you.

So far since the chargers were installed we have had 6 guests charge their Tesla vehicles and 1 guest charge their Volt electric car.

We are members of Select Registry, who worked with Tesla to provide us and other B&B’s with the chargers.  Once we got the quote from the electrician and it was approved by the Tesla project leader all we needed to do was schedule the installation.  So thank you Tesla and Select Registry for making this happen.

Safe travels!

Dan & Kathryn

Tesla 3


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