Presidents’ Day, February 15, 2016

In 1971 the federal government decided to change the public holiday celebrating George Washington’s birthday to the third Monday of February.  This would assure that federal employees and public schools would have a day off in case George Washington’s Birthday fell on a weekend.  The federal holiday is actually George Washington’s Birthday not Presidents’ Day.  Many states added the celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday to the holiday which is why it is commonly known as Presidents’ Day.

George Washington’s birthday is on February 22nd and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is on February 12th.

While the Charlottesville area isn’t home to either of these presidents it is home to 3 others – Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and James Madison.  So, if you are want to celebrate President’s Day by learning more about three of our presidents plan on visiting Monticello, Ash Lawn-Highland or Montpelier (or all three).

Of course any day is perfect for doing that not just Presidents’ Day.

How are we going to celebrate the day?  Having cherry pie, of course.

Monticello Ash Lawn-Highland Montpelier

Monticello                               Ash Lawn-Highland                           Montpelier



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