Easy to Make Blondie Recipe

Blondies 4I love looking at Pinterest for ideas to make different cookies than our normal ones for our guests to enjoy in the afternoon.  I came across a Blondie photo posted by Food52 which was adapted from Cook’s Ilustrated.  Since I highly trust both of these sources I knew the cookies would be good – and boy are they!  But the nicest thing is that they are so simple to make.

Blondies are an adaptation of Brownies.  The main difference is that there is no chocolate or cocoa powder in a Blondie.  So if you don’t like chocolate (what???) these would be great for you to try.

I hadn’t made Blondies in years.  They were once a common cookie bar to make but then went out of fashion.  Why?  I don’t know.  I am so glad that they are back!

Just like Food52 I did make a few modifications and our guests here at Foxfield Inn really seem to enjoy them.  We hope you do too.  The recipe I used is located HERE.

Dan & Kathryn

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