LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph

This great festival is returning to Charlottesville on June 9-11, 2011.  LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph has gallery shows, outdoor exhibits, nightly projections and on-stage interviews in the Downtown Mall area.  We went two years ago and walked up and down the town looking at all the photographs on display in the stores and storefronts (and in the trees!) and marveled that Charlottesville had a festival celebrating such wonderful works.  We’re looking forward to going again this year.  If you are staying with us at Foxfield Inn let’s discuss what we’ve seen with a glass of wine on the back patio.

World renown photographers Nan Goldin, Massimo Vitali and Antonin Kratochvil are being honored as INsight Artists.  Each of them will have an exhibit for viewing and will be interviewed during the 3 nights of INsight Conversations at  the Paramount Theater.

The TREES exhibit is one of our favorites.  Large scale photographs are hung in the trees for all to view as they walk down the street.  This year’s exhibit features George Steinmetz’s aerial photographs of remote landscapes around the world.  Can’t wait to see them.

There is so much to do and see at this festival – most are free, some require tickets.

For more information visit the LOOK3 Festival website at http://www.look3.org.

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