George Washington, President’s Day Celebration

Do any of us really pause on President’s Day to celebrate George Washington and the presidents who followed him?  Or is it just a day off work for some, an excuse to buy more “things” because they are on sale?  Well here at Foxfield Inn we are going to pause and reflect on what it means to have a democratically elected president.

That means we will celebrate during this weekend with cherries.  OK, I know he really didn’t fell a cherry tree with a single blow but it sure makes a good excuse to have cherry waffles, cherry cheesecake, cherry brownies and anything else I can think of to make with cherries.  OF course that’s not all we will have – after all you can overdo the cherry menu.  One cherry item will be on each breakfast menu for the three days – either the artisanal bread, the main course or the dessert.  I already know of two cookies we’ll put out for guests to enjoy in the afternoon.  As I prepare our cherry delights I will update this post with pictures and recipes.

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